Hey you Kweerky. Are you tired of wondering where to find a diverse and inclusive community? 

Are you tired of having to constantly put ‘just looking for friends’ on your Tinder or Grindr profile? Or hopelessly scouring Facebook without finding the right group of people for you?

Why not try something new this year? Kweerky, perhaps? Yes, it does sound like queer. Because it is. It is queer, for you. Join our mission to build a brand new online, queer city of the future. A city where you can be in the closet, come out, watch a drag show or sell your carrots. We don’t mind. It is Kweerky. For you.

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My name is Vera, my last name is Vulva and i’m a colorful clown queen with a moustache from Slovenia! I’m a part of the first drag house in Maribor, Haus Of Vulva – hence my last name.
Vera Vulva is a painted egg full of different people and aesthetics. I just love to create on my face and transform my entire body into someone else. When i’m not in drag, i study fine art in Ljubljana, so i consider myself a visual artist – even when i’m in a wig.. This skinny-leg doll has been streetwalking Ljubljana since late 2019, but ever since Miss Pandemia came to town, i have been popping out fresh content on my instagram @veravulva. Sometimes it’s a photoshoot, sometimes i film a video and sometimes i upload a recent online performance from @Dragoslavia. Look it up, it’s worth it!

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We are transforming online space for queer people! Kweerky is a new platform which enables LGBT+ individuals and allies to meet, hang out, bond, as well as show off their skills and expertise with both the local and global community. It is more than just another online community. It is a NETWORK of diverse people who have one aim: creating a new online queer city. People make cities, but those people need infrastructure, too! In our online city, you will live in a queer building and visit other people in virtual buildings offering various queer content. Searching for your queer place under the sun? Why not join our city. Want to perform online? Sure, hire our virtual concert space. Want to sell your custom-made earrings? Do it through our platform!

We are now at the recruiting stage. Once we get enough members, we will accommodate everyone in our app. Sign up now and become a future member of our city

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